Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another possible book club title . . .


Is Hayek's Argument for Liberal Government Incoherent?

Peter Boettke writes in what might be a consideration for our book club

I have been reading Stephen Elkin's Reconstructing the Commerical Republic (Chicago, 2006) and I find the book to be very challenging despite my ultimate disagreement with his criticisms of the classical liberal project as I envision it. I recommend it to all who think of themselves as doing constitutional political economy in the Hayek and Buchanan tradition.

Curbing the predatory capacity of private as well as public actors is necessary for our collective efforts to live better together, and to realize the social gains from cooperation under the division of labor that modernity has presented us with. Without such binding rules, the productive capacity of mankind will not be realized and the gains from trade and the gains from innovation will be left lying on the proverbial sidewalk.

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