Friday, December 27, 2013

Political Economy and Economic History

The next annual meeting of the Economic History Association (EHA) will take place in Columbus, Ohio, on September 12-14, 2014. The theme of the meeting will be "Political Economy and Economic History." The Program Committee (John Wallis, University of Maryland, chair, together with Dan Bogart, Karen Clay, and Tracy Dennison) welcomes submissions on all subjects in economic history, though some preference will be given to papers that specifically fit the theme.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Slim Majority of History PhDs Hold Tenure-Track Jobs

The study, jointly produced by Maren Wood and Robert Townsend, is generally positive about the job prospects of history PhDs. Of the nearly 2,500 PhDs for whom data was collected, only two were actually unemployed, and, as the authors dryly noted, no PhDs “occupied the positions that often serve as punch lines for jokes … as baristas or short-order cooks.” - See more at:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

At Thanksgiving, Big Grocery & Big Labor Attack Wal-Mart

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who will visit a Wal-Mart on the biggest shopping weekend of the year, don’t be surprised if you encounter protestors agitating for “workers’ rights.”

But you may be surprised how those protestors got there. They are not union organizers, per se, although many represent unions and other community organizing groups. They are associated with calls for wage increases and improved working conditions – even though 23,000 people just turned up for 600 positions at a Wal-Mart under construction in Washington, D.C. As Business Insider notes, it’s harder to get a job at this one Wal-Mart – only 2.6 percent of applicants are accepted – than it is to get into Harvard, where 6.1 percent get in.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Apply now - World Poverty and Economic Growth Conference

World Poverty and Economic Growth Conference March 27-29, 2014

FTE Members Only Conference in Partnership with The World Bank

FTE’s 2014 Professional Teachers Association “Members Only” Conference will explore “World Poverty and Economic Growth.”

The conference will be held March 27-29, 2014, at the World Bank facilities in Washington, D.C. and the Key Bridge Marriott hotel in Arlington. Participants will hear presentations by World Bank staff experts and special speakers John Wallis, David Dollar, and Christopher Coyne. Participants will also take part in group discussion on the topic.

Selection for participation is by application only and will be limited to 45 participants. (Required readings will be sent to successful applicants with acceptance notification.)


Complete the online application form found in the link above. (FTE reserves the right to set qualifications and select program participants. See program details.) In addition to the qualifications of individual applicants, the selection process will consider group composition, including such factors as diversity of teaching experience, age and geographic location; teaching assignment, and involvement in FTE programs. If there is a large pool of qualified applicants, some random selection from the pool may take place

No payment is necessary for application. Selected participants will be required to pay a $100 registration fee and provide a $100 refundable deposit within twelve days of notification of selection

Application is not considered complete until the applicant has received a confirmation of submission from the FTE. Note: If you choose to submit the application by mail, please print the online application and send to:

Ken Leonard

FTE Northwest Office

32110 58th Pl. S.

Auburn WA 98001