Sunday, September 16, 2012

A must read

Back to School
The Chicago teachers strike was an interesting skirmish in whatWashington Post columnist Harold Meyerson last weekdescribed as a civil war within the Democratic Party. As far as I could tell, the walkout was a contest between the Billionaire Boys Club, its program fronted by Mayor (former Wasserstein Perella investment banker and ex-White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel, and a tough-talking union chief, Karen Lewis, who had no difficulty mustering a 95 percent strike vote.
Since it is too early to tell who won on the ground in Chicago, I took the opportunity to read as much as I could of the Harkin Report, which last month adduced a lot of useful information about another skirmish in the same battle – the controversy over the free-wheeling profit-driven companies that have invaded the markets for college and graduate education, attracting mainly non-traditional students hoping to improve their financial situations.

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