Monday, September 20, 2010

The Left and Change

This weekend I listened to a television news program that had a couple of conservatives and liberal Juan Williams. I found it quite revelatory when Williams told us that the tea party candidate from Deleware was a lunatic for calling for the end of the education department and that the candidate from Alaska was a looney for calling for the elimination of other institutions and that unemployment compensation was unconstitutional. I find it amazing that Williams doesn't realize the education department was created by Jimmy Carter, that the FDA began in the 1930s, that the Constitution says nowhere can businesses be forced to provide unemployment compensation.

If I were the dictator, I would close the education department, the energey department, the homeland security department, transportation department, the FDA, the EPA, and virtually every other government agency. I would also eliminate public education and coerced attendance. There is only one reason that attendance until age 16 is compulsory -- because the consumer would stop buying the product. It is so bad that students would leave as soon as they could. Home schooled children are sought after by top colleges, they perform significantly better on standardized tests, and contrary to the often repeated statement that home schooled children do not know how to socialize, those home schooled appear to be more mature and better able to adapt to college and life after. They also report to be considerably "happier" than public schooled people.

Initially and still, a general public education is supposed to instill knowledge of America, its culture and constitution. Of course, that brainwashing purpose has now been subverted to brainwash toward the liberal agenda.

Back to Williams. Why would we refer to people who are not even as revolutionary as our founders in terms of what they want the government to do, as loonies or nuts? It is those like Williams who think they know better than the rest of us what is good for us that are the loonies.

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  1. Careful Professor Boyes, comments like, "If I were the dictator" can be taken out of context. And on blogs they often are.

    Juan William comments are a show of ignorance and how out of touch he actually is. Being in education I have heard more than a few teachers wish there was no federal Department of Ed. The for profit education community is all in favor of getting rid of the Federal Department of Ed. I think there is a slow awakening in the public and the education community as to the expanding growth of the department vs. the perceived benefit.

    What is also telling about Juan's comments is the name calling. Instead of debating the issues that the candidate from Delaware espouses he feels it necessary to call names. This shows me that he intellectually unprepared to counter the candidates opinions.