Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Contested Exchange, or First Round Knock Out in an Intellectual Boxing Contest?

This post over at the Coordination Problem is a must read - see below for a taste:

I recommend that everyone read the exchange, but I'd emphasize reading very carefully Rajan's response. Krugman is not a political economist, he is a politicized economists, and Rajan reveals this in his measured but pointed response. Krugman can no longer have a serious discussion with his professional peers (I mean that in terms of scientific reputation and professional rank). He is incapable of being anything put a partisan pundit. Tyler calls this a "contested exchange", but to my mind it is a knock out of Krugman at the end of the first round by a superior economic mind, and a more civilized scholar. Rajan practices the "sweet science" beautifully in his reply, and Krugman finds himself flat on his back and counted out

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  1. Interesting how this plays into the book, "The Big Short".