Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice reply to Krugman

Not that corrections to Krugman deserve much attention, the following is excellent

Let me postulate the following theorem to Prof Krugman:

"Independent of how many fingerprints a forensic analyst can collect at any economic crime scene, invariably, there will be one set of fingerprints always present - that of the State"

And a corollary:

"These fingerprints will invariably lead an investigator to something with a word 'Social' or its derivative on it as a core entity partaking in the event".

The Krugman/deLong discourse is one that lacks integrity, civility and is intended to both deceive and to "pump up" their constituency.

This post reflects on my reading of Intellectuals and Society. Sowell really does a nice job of exploring the responsibility of intellectuals in society. Krugman illustrates the disservice to society of intellectuals engaged in a process of deception and sophistry. Given the platform that intellectuals use, it becomes essential that those of us who believe in liberty, choice and responsibility engage in civil discourse.

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