Friday, September 27, 2013

'Uncertain' Science: Judith Curry's Take On Climate Change

A nice Hayekean view of the future and perhaps a warning . . .

I highly recommend a listen, Curry is very thoughtful and reflects and understanding of adaptive efficiency.

A small sample:

Economics Vs. Science Curry started her own blog, which is a forum for outsiders to weigh in on climate science. She sees it as democratizing the discussion.

"All we can do is be as objective as we can about the evidence and help the politicians evaluate proposed solutions," she says. If that means doing nothing, "I can't say myself that that isn't the best solution."

And this is where Curry parts company most clearly with her peers. For example, the leading scientific organization for earth scientists, the American Geophysical Union, says in a position statement that climate change "requires urgent action." It concludes that despite some uncertainties, there's no scenario where climate change will be inconsequential.

Curry's dissent from this position is as much about the economics as about the science.

"I have six nieces and nephews who have recently graduated from college," she says. "Not easy finding jobs in this economy. Are we going to jeopardize their economic future, and we don't know if they're going to care and if this is going to matter?"

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