Monday, August 26, 2013

Information About Colleges and Student Loans-Becker

As always, Becker makes a valuable contribution to the current "debate". I can't help but think of Bob Higgs and his dead on characterization of the crisis manufacturing tendency by the state when I see the president responding.

Student debt has grown rapidly during the past 25 years, due to the rapid increase in school tuition during this time period, the significant subsidy to most loans, and the growth in high school graduates who attend college. Even though many in the media and elsewhere are complaining about this expansion in student loans, the average student loan of about $26,000 is not large relative to the average income of college graduates of about $70,000. Young families often take on mortgage debt that is twice or even a larger fraction of their earnings.

There is a legitimate concern about those persons with much larger student debt, and about those who make much less than the average college graduate, such as students who drop out of college, or who attended proprietary schools. The federal law that excludes student loans from personal bankruptcies makes the burden for these students still much harder to manage.

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