Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Sept. 2013 ASET bookclub book

Looking forward to our discussion of The Righteous Mind, part 1 at our Sept. 2013 ASET book club.

Table of Contents


Part I Intuitions Come First, Strategic Reasoning Second

1 Where Does Morality Come From?

2 The Intuitive Dog and Its Rational Tail

3 Elephants Rule

4 Vote for Me (Here’s Why)

Part II There’s More to Morality than Harm and Fairness

5 Beyond WEIRD Morality

6 Taste Buds of the Righteous Mind

7 The Moral Foundations of Politics

8 The Conservative Advantage

Part III Morality Binds and Blinds

9 Why Are We So Groupish?

10 The Hive Switch

11 Religion Is a Team Sport

12 Can’t We All Disagree More Constructively?


Acknowledgments Notes References Index

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