Saturday, June 16, 2012

The following links were provided to my Principles students.

Economic Growth - GDP - BEA

JOTS report - a much more nuanced analysis of unemployment in the US - note:  The BLS is a must site for business majors or those of you who are interested in markets - click here for the JOLTS site.

Current CPI data.  This may be of interest as you prepare your second discussion post this week.

Business Cycles - as you know, the Great Recession began in Dec. 2007 and ended in June 2009 (although it may not feel like it).  The NBER is the organization that tallies data on the business cycle.

Excellent overview of the challenge of debt

Emerging econonomic conditions in China - World Bank Analysis

Book recommendation - The Company of Strangers.  A short recommendation from 5 Books (a great site for readers to bookmark.

The Facebook Effect (an important book on the social media company) - nice interview with the author.

Inside the Plex (one of many excellent books on Google)

The Amazon Effect (article in The Nation)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has an excellent site containing data on occupations.  You can use this to review wage data about your intended career - it might give you pause and perhaps motivation to consider other career options.

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